Services & Rates

Therapeutic Massage

30/50/90 : $65/$80/$110

This massage is wonderful for those seeking a massage tailored to meet their needs.  It provides a combination of modalities to address a variety of issues at once.  Looking to relax but also need to address a stiff muscle as well?  Want a general deep tissue massage?  This is exactly what you are looking for.

TMJ Release/Headache Relief

50 minutes: $65

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) connects the mandible to the skull’s temporal bone and contributes to the acts of biting, chewing, swallowing, speaking and making facial expressions.  When this joint, or the muscles attached, become tight, irritated, or out of alignment many experience headaches that mimic migraines, ringing in the ears, clicking jaw, a stiff neck, and much more.  This massage will target the muscles involved including the face, neck, head, and shoulders using different techniques in order to provide relief and release the tension.  Once you've experienced this massage will be in awe at the difference you feel!

Sinus Relief Massage

50 minutes: $65

Sinus relief treatment provides massage and acupressure to the face, scalp, and neck promoting lymphatic drainage and releasing pressure to the sinus area.  The use of hot and cold treatment aids in relief while incorporating beneficial and refreshing aromatherapy.

PTSD and/or Anxiety

50 minutes: $80

The overall goal in the massage treatment of PTSD is to help the client to become safely "embodied within the self." The goal is to teach clients safe and effective ways of self-soothing and stress management. Coupled with energy work, patience, and compassion this massage works wonders in a multidisciplinary context in assisting the client allowing the body to relax from constant fight or flight mode.

Energy Work

50 minutes: $80

When the body is placed under stress (physical, biochemical or mental/emotional), the energy body can become depleted and/or blocked. If not cleared, these dysfunctions in the energetic system eventually manifest in physical illness and mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion.
I act as a conduit for universal life force and healing energy using appropriate non-invasive means to clear and rebalance the subtle energy channels using a variety of means such as chakra balancing, EFT, intuitive healing, and therapeutic modalities. The process not only brings relaxation and pain relief, but also allows for deep healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

This service can be added on to any other service or can be done on its on own. 

Paraffin Add-On

Per session : $10

Dip your hands in paraffin to encompass your joints in warm, soothing heat that promotes mobility, pain relief, and relaxation. A wonderful add-on to any service and for any one! If you suffer from arthritis, tired or aching hands, this is especially beneficial. 

Energy Work Add-On

15 minutes: $20

Curious about energy work or wondering how you would like it? This is the perfect add-on service to experience the benefits of this healing and learn what it's all about. Also great for those looking for a little "tune-up" but are short on time!

Itovi Consultation

60 minutes: $25

The Itovi is a small scanning tool that uses scientific technology to test your body's algorithms in order to help you understand what essential oils your body is requesting.  With a simple scan, together we can take the guesswork out of what oils you should use and for what.  This thing is amazing!

During the consultation I will educate you a bit on the world of EO's, how you can benefit from them, provide the scan, go over your results, and answer any questions you may have.  

Ear Candling

20min : $15.00

Ear candling is an ancient practice that involves inserting a long, cylindrical candle into the ear and lighting it on the other end. Heat produced from the candle helps to draw out excess ear wax and other debris which may be present in the ear canal. Proponents of ear candling report benefits such as relieving tinnitus (ringing in the ears), helping to relieve sinus pain and pressure, removing excess wax build up, assisting with relieving Swimmers` ear, assisting with headaches, relieving severely itchy ears (often caused by yeast, mold or dairy allergies) and helping to unplug ears (often due to illness).  

*Results may vary from person to person 

*Ear candling is not a cure-all. While effective in many cases, it is best to be seen first by your doctor if you are experiencing specific   medical problems.

*Ear candling is not recommended for 1) People who have a hole in their eardrum. 2) If you’ve had tubes in your eardrums 3) If you   have difficulty breathing where small amounts of smoke is a threat. (ex. emphysema, etc.)

*Excessive use is not wise or recommended.